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How to Teach Ashtanga Yoga:
A practical, non-dogmatic approach
27-29 March 2020
3-5 April 2020
Anima Studio, Thessaloniki, Greece

The body loves to move. Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga's undisputed popularity among yoga practitioners despite its controversies illustrates this. The merging of insightful movement with powerful subtle and supported breath creates a feeling of mental and physical strength, focus and positivity few other practices can match.

Many great opportunities exist to practice Ashtanga all over the world in the presence of world-renowned seasoned yogis. The opportunities to learn to teach it safely and effectively pale in comparison. This leads to many Ashtanga teachers relying on other teacher trainings of Hatha yoga and even other physical disciplines such as dance or martial arts in order to teach Ashtanga. This course commits to redress this imbalance.
This course:

  • Teaches you how to teach Ashtanga regardless of how you learned it and from whom
  • Provides the space for you to teach, supervised by someone with nearly 30 years' uninterrupted years of Ashtanga teaching, including led, private, total beginners and Mysore self-practice
  • Honours the principles of the Krishnamcharya lineage as interpreted by his various students through the medium of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system in a way that makes practical sense with regards to the body and in the social context in which we live.
  • Aims, through inquiry and investigation, to tear down any artificial boundaries created by branding and factions.
  • Puts principles above personalities to celebrate this amazing healing system.

Over the course of two weekends, you will participate in:

  • Daily full led primary series practice
  • Daily practice teaching sessions
  • Daily teaching and learning focus

Suitable for yoga teachers with a working knowledge of the Ashtanga Primary Series, and Ashtanga practitioners who would like to deepen their practical understanding of of system.
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